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Some Random Goodies, Including New Music

I hope you’re all well and getting at least a little time to enjoy Spring.  I just wanted to update you on a couple of exciting developments, and pass out some goodies for good measure.

First, I have just been solemnly dubbed the “San Francisco Spirituality & Personal Growth Examiner.”

This doesn’t mean I’ve become some kind of municipal government agent like a health inspector who makes sure yoga studios’ mats are clean or something like that.  It means I have a new column at that will deal mostly with San Francisco Bay Area developments in the areas of personal growth and spirituality, but I also plan to slip in some of my own brand of woo-woo wisdom along the way.  :)

Second, I have some new compositions in my oeuvre, as the French would say.  These are in the same film soundtrack/video game genre as the work I shared with you earlier on this site.  I hope you enjoy them!

I’ll post links to them below — they’re all in MIDI format, which should be listenable on practically any computer, with the minor drawback that MIDI doesn’t exactly sound like the London Symphony Orchestra.  But I know you’re all creative people, and that you can just imagine that there are real instruments playing the various parts.  In the Royal Albert Hall, of course.

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Some Random Goodies, Including New Music

  1. Patricia

    I will have to come back for the music, and congrats on the new column and any chance to get some more woo-woo in circulation is certainly fine by me. Thank you for your nice comments on my blog.

  2. Jannie Funster

    Chasing Kelly’s Goat?? I bet I’ll do that some day!!! It’s about the only kind of pet she hasn’t had yet. :)

    Oh Chris!! That’s just AWESOME about your column gig, but not at all a surprise to me — YOU are so special, wonderful, cool, inspiring, funny and MUCH more!!! THe woo-woo King in my books.

    I’ll listen to your newest compositions as I romp through blog reading this morning — oh, how perfect.

    I’ll be back to comment again!!


  3. Chris - Post author

    Hi Jannie — thanks for the appreciation — looking forward to the screenplay you will undoubtedly write to fit my soundtrack. :)

  4. Wilma Ham

    Haha, now I know you and Wayne are so close I will pay even more attention to what you are saying. Before that you were just Chris but now!!!!
    AND a new column to boot, are you applying your own lessons? :0
    Congrats though, and now I will go to your soundtrack, knowing you are rubbing shoulders in this department with a great person namely Jannie F. as well.

  5. Chris - Post author

    Hi Wilma — I was hoping hanging out with celebrities would be enough to grab your attention. :) I’m talking about Miss Jannie, of course. The addition of the column is only a testament to my Inner Productivity. Now that I think about it, that’s true!

  6. kye

    “San Francisco Spirituality & Personal Growth Examiner” sounds quite Dostoevskian! In the best possible way…

    Anyway, congratulations!


  7. Hilary

    Hi Chris .. Congratulations on your new column .. isn’t that great! It’ll be interesting to read some of your articles in the Examiner. Good for you for making it Chris-like .. that’s much more effective in the long term .. some personal experiences & thoughts & woo-woo wisdom along the way – make it much more personal and interesting.

    I’ve just been listening to Chasing Kelly’s Goat .. so named by that Blue Bunny songstress .. sounds like the goat escaped from Kelly’s broken arm! Your oevres are fun and provide you with lots of light relief I guess?!

    Thanks for being over at my blog – while I’ve been doing this .. I see you’ve been back for more “education” Hilary’s way .. glad you enjoy it .. .. that’s the main thing & so lovely to know – thank you!

    I’ll be here more often now I hope .. things are getting a little easier .. Have a good week – Hilary

  8. Chris - Post author

    Hi Hilary — thanks, and I hope you enjoy the articles — they may not be massively interesting to you because they’re almost exclusively about things happening in San Francisco, but I hope the Chris-likeness of them is enough to give them some appeal for you anyway. :) Chasing Kelly’s Goat was not actually inspired by the name of Jannie’s daughter but it was a happy synchronicity!

  9. Jannie Funster


    Here we have 2 knights on camels galloping towards the edge of town out of the Morrocan at sunset — Dark March, of course. I really like the break in that tune, slides into it to perfectly.

    At The Marketplace there is a cat & mouse chase. The strings are great in this.

    In Overworld the lovely Fatima leads the duo to the HQ of the secret mission they are to lead — in Paris.

    Ahhh, but Sadness seeps in when “the drop” does not go as planned in The Tuileries.

    Yet… things pick up on the Champs D’Elysees, as we hear in Tense Fusion. Leaping across bridges and such.

    And of course they all wake up in Ireland! (Doesn’t everybody after a night leaping Paris bridges?) Kelly’s Goat rampages through the fields.

    All ends well.


  10. Chris - Post author

    Hi Jannie — oh, I thought you meant The Moroccan in Vegas, and the knights just had a bang-up night at the craps table. :) In any case, I’m digging the new film treatment. I’m reminded of one of the ’60s films, like Topkapi, involving a jewel heist in an exotic locale. And then suddenly waking up in Ireland reminds me of a hilarious Peter Sellers-style takeoff on a jewel-heist-style film. I love the “camelry” image (my friend who specializes in ancient military history taught me that word)!

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