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Why I’m Doing Steve’s Quest, Part 2: Resurrection

In the last chapter of this epic saga on what brought me to develop Steve’s Quest, I talked about what led me to shift my focus away from impressing other people with my way of life, and toward doing something I actually liked to do.

Conveniently, my decision to do something more fulfilling came at a time when the pace of my law job had slowed.  Before, during lulls like that, I hadn’t known what to do with myself, and I’d usually ended up, like any self-respecting office worker, browsing videos about dancing kittens and people falling off jetskis or roofs.

The Power of Positive PowerPointing

Now, at least, I could make better use of my time by looking at career alternatives.  Seeing as how I was in Silicon Valley, the first idea that naturally came to mind was to start a company that offered some kind of best-in-class, results-driven, turn-key, workflow-automation solution, and sell it for big bucks.

So, I spent the next few weeks putting together PowerPoint presentations describing what, at least at the time, I saw as killer startup ideas.

The funniest part of these slide decks was definitely the clip art.  In one slide, I wrote that starting my proposed company would be a “professional resurrection” for me.  Next to that statement, I put the cover of Judas Priest singer Rob Halford’s solo album Resurrection (pictured above).  Totally rockin’ album, by the way.

PowerPointing Proves Pointless

Anyway, in the midst of this frenzy of PowerPointing, the idea occurred to me:  if I did build a tech company and sell it for millions, what would I do with the money?

The answer, I realized, was that I’d somehow use it to help people forge their own dream careers.  No one, I thought, should have to suffer through days of online kitten-watching, or anything else they’d rather not be doing at work.

Inevitably, then, the question came up:  why spend years producing turn-key workflow solutions in order to make millions I can then spend on helping people find something they love to do, when I can find more direct ways to help people do that now?

Thus began the next chapter of my lifestyle explorations, which I will call the “life or career coaching, or consulting, or workshop leading” era to express my uncertainty about what I was really up to.

This ties into the more intimate and risqué aspects of my lifestyle redesign.  But more on those later!

17 thoughts on
Why I’m Doing Steve’s Quest, Part 2: Resurrection

  1. L. Marie

    Wow. Interesting new phase! My brother works with career coaches. In this economy, people need help to find meaningful employment.

  2. Chris - Post author

    Hi Linda — yes, it was an interesting phase while it lasted, and I think I made a positive impact on some people’s lives, but there was a certain wildness and spontaneity that was lacking in it, which led me into my current phase. More on that later.

  3. Sara


    You always make a positive impact on people’s lives! I love that you are able to to follow your instincts about where to go next and accept the risk and challenges of whatever decision you make:~)

  4. Angie Mizzell

    A couple of years after I left TV I became a certified life coach. I never did a lot with it, although I put in a ton of time working behind the scenes and launching my new business. I eventually realized that the blog I started as a life coach was just leading me to do what I’m doing now: telling my personal stories to help people through the power of resonance and connection. The interesting thing is how the slow evolution has helped me.

  5. Chris - Post author

    Hi Jill — yes, I do feel like I’ve been increasingly willing to acknowledge where my interests lie and go after them, as opposed to ignoring them with the goal of finding stability.

  6. Chris - Post author

    Hi Angie — it sounds like you did some experimentation and, through that, found out what you were really interested in. I think a similar thing happened for me as far as writing is concerned — I started out with the goal of “adding value” by teaching people some kind of new perspective or technique, and I eventually realized that form of expression was stifling to me and that I just wanted to talk about my experiences and hope that someone would resonate with them (but not need them to).

  7. Chris - Post author

    Hi Kelvin — glad you’re enjoying reading about it — it feels a bit vulnerable for me to post, but I get less and less worried about that sort of thing as time goes on.

  8. Chris - Post author

    Hi Ruth — yes, I can definitely relate to that statement — I never thought I would be interested in writing and singing pop songs, for example, but in the aftermath of doing a lot of work on Steve’s Quest, it’s become kind of an obsession for me.

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