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Seeking Album Cover Help

I’m excited to announce that I’m putting the finishing touches on a four-song “EP,” which, for those of you who weren’t around in the days of vinyl, means basically an album with four songs on it.  The album will be called “Slow Burn.”  It’s the first music I’ve recorded with myself as the “lead singer” (unless you count the singing I’ve done in Steve’s Quest), and it’s been an intimidating but rewarding experience.

As part of putting the album together, I did a photo shoot on Ocean Beach in San Francisco, California with superlative photographer Suzette Hibble.  We were there for a few hours, and ended up with literally hundreds of great shots, including photos of me in front of about sixteen different graffiti displays.

I’m now left with the daunting task of choosing which photo I’m going to use for my album cover.  Naturally, I decided to seek the expert advice of people who read my blog.  So, I’m going to post the finalists among the photos we took, and ask you to let me know which ones strike your fancy.

I’ll put a number underneath each one, so that you can tell me which one you like.  Thanks for your suggestions, and I’m looking forward to sharing more music with you soon!

Photo #1

Photo #2

Photo #3

Photo #4

Photo #5

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Seeking Album Cover Help

  1. Kelvin Kao

    I like #5. The graffiti backgrounds just seem really busy to me. It looks like you like the graffiti though, and they do convey more. Though #5 is what I am more drawn to, it’s also more generic looking.

    I am torn.


    Oh, I almost forgot to congratulate you. I was distracted by the quest of choosing a picture!

  2. Jill W

    Congratulations! How exciting…yes, I do remember vinyl albums. :) If you definitely want to go with a graffiti shot, I like #1, but I like #5 the best. Again, Congratulations!

  3. Chris - Post author

    Hi Evan — yes, I’ve been leaning toward “brooding” as the feel for the cover, and thus I’ve been favoring #5 so far, but perhaps I should consider other emotional tones.

  4. Chris - Post author

    Hi Kelvin — thanks, yes, that’s something I’ve heard from a few others as well — that the graffiti backgrounds take up a lot of visual space — perhaps one of them would be best suited for the back cover or insert photo.

  5. Chris - Post author

    Hi Jill — thanks, I’m leaning toward #5 as well, but since graffiti seems to find its way into pictures of me generally speaking, one of those shots will probably end up somewhere in the promotional materials.

  6. Sara

    Congratulations on your album! You are the busiest and most eclectic creative person I’ve known. You do so many different things. It just seems to pour out of you…in a good way:~)

    Regarding the photos, my favorite was #1, but only if you keep the cropping. I like #5, but it’s one of those picture I’ve seen before whereas the first one is a bit different. I think it depends on what “mood” you’re with and the type of music.

    Good luck with this. I hope we get hear samplings of the music soon????

  7. Chris - Post author

    Hi Sara — yes, I’m very grateful for all the inspiration that’s come up for me during the last few years. You will indeed hear music from the album soon — we’re doing what I believe will be the final mixes tomorrow, so we are close to the finish line on that.

  8. Chris - Post author

    Hi Angie — yes, that’s my thinking as well — that photo #5 is in keeping with the moody quality of the album title and the songs.

  9. Jannie Funster

    2 or 3, very cool with the grafitti, and for size sake — a cd cover being kind of “square”-ish. You could weave your text into the white part of the grafitti. You will have to crop some, of course to get the right height : width dimension. And on the back cover… smiling number 4!! Loving the blue shoes too! xxoo

    But I read #5 may be the choice? :)

  10. Chris - Post author

    Hi Jannie — my current plan is to use one of the graffiti shots for the insert or back cover, so you will get your wish — thanks for the text arrangement suggestions.

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