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Song From My Upcoming Album

I’m excited to share a song, “At War,” from my upcoming album “Slow Burn.”  It’s a four-song album that I guess you could say I put together “by popular demand.”

Basically, I wrote a bunch of songs that I planned to have other people perform, and I wanted to license the rights to use the songs to movies and TV shows.  I recorded some rough, homemade demos of myself singing the songs, purely as a guide for the vocalists I thought were going to perform them.  But I kept getting the same feedback from people (even one guy I paid to perform one of the tunes):  ”why don’t you sing these yourself?”

Although it’s true that I do some of the vocals in Steve’s Quest, for some reason it never occurred to me that I could play the “lead singer” role in performing pop or rock material.  But once people raised the idea with me, I realized that, if I never tried it, I’d probably end up regretting it, and wondering what it would have sounded like and what I might have been able to accomplish.

So, without further ado, here’s one of the songs from the album — looking forward to sharing the rest with you soon!

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Song From My Upcoming Album

  1. Sara

    Wow. I like hearing you sing.

    This was a difficult subject, but one that is very true of many people. I was lucky with my divorce. It was amicable, but I’ve known of people who were “at war.”

    I look forward to hearing (or purchasing) the rest of album:~)

  2. Chris - Post author

    Hi Sara — I’m glad you liked the song. Yes, this is an issue I have some personal experience with too — I’ve been making an effort to really dive into subjects that might be a bit uncomfortable for me to talk about, thinking that this is the kind of material that will have the most depth and resonance for the audience. Looking forward to sharing the rest of the album with you.

  3. Chris - Post author

    Hi Kourtney — yes, it’s funny, I’ve always loved singing, but somehow I always had the notion that there were certain people who were born to be lead singers and I wasn’t one of them. I’m glad I’ve begun to think outside that box.

  4. Chris - Post author

    Thanks Jill. I always thought of myself as having a “decent” voice, but not necessarily up to the level where it needed to be if I wanted to perform the kind of material I write. But based on the feedback I’ve been getting, it seems like I underestimated myself.

  5. Angie Mizzell

    Chris! Yes! I’m so late getting here… and I am about to begin the last night of Listen To Your Mother auditions, and I’m sitting here alone… and I just turned up the speakers and almost cried (happy tears). I’m totally feeling it. I’m so glad you recorded this yourself and shared!

  6. Chris - Post author

    Thanks Maggie — I’m glad you enjoyed the song. By the way, next weekend, I’ll be filming a music video for “Howl at the Moon,” which is the first song on the album — looking forward to sharing it with you.

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