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Steve’s Quest Official Trailer

We finally have a definite release date for Steve’s Quest, the animated musical web series I wrote and directed!  Episode 1 will go live on March 14.  The weird idea for a musical I had on one fateful plane ride in September 2011 is, at long last, coming to fruition.

I know I’ve given some release date estimates in the past that proved to be, shall we say,  overly ambitious, but this time I have the full episode in hand (or whatever the digital equivalent of having something in hand is), and there are no remaining obstacles in Steve’s Quest‘s path toward domination of the interwebs.

Enjoy the trailer — I’m looking forward to hearing your reactions!

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Steve’s Quest Official Trailer

  1. Chris - Post author

    Hi Jill — yes, it’s pretty amazing to me that this project has finally come into being — it’s been a long road, but seeing the episode go live will make it worthwhile.

  2. Sara Healy


    I remember when you posted about this and it was only a dream. Look at what you’ve done…you’ve made it happen. I know it wasn’t easy, but you DID IT:~)

    How will we see it when it goes live? Will it be at this site or YouTube? That’s only two days away. OMG. Are you going have a release party? I can’t imagine you wouldn’t. This is definitely something to celebrate. I think you should have the red carpet to walk down.

    Oh, Chris…this is really is good news to hear:~)

  3. Chris - Post author

    Thanks Sara! It’s pretty amazing to see this coming out, and this episode is only the beginning! The video will be posted on YouTube and will also be embedded in this site, so you will definitely see it. I don’t have a release party planned per se because the cast and crew are located all over the country. Hopefully, we will all be able to get together in person when we have our own panel at Comic-Con.

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