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Video for My Song “Howl at the Moon”

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The video for the first single from my four-song EP, “Howl at the Moon,” is now live (and posted above)!

This project has been several months in the making, and I’m enthused that it’s finally done.  The director and I decided to shoot the video in a classic ’80s hard rock style, with dramatic bits intercut with shots of the band playing, and I think we achieved the look we were going for (and hopefully Motley Crue and Skid Row fans will agree).

This was my first time being in a music video, and it was definitely an eye-opening experience.  The lion’s share of the shoot, in the part I was featured in, was spent trying to get the camera angles right, and to make sure the right amount of steam filled the room (there were dry ice machines on the set that were misting about every 10 seconds).  As you will see, there are a lot of closeup shots of me singing, and the biggest challenge for me was trying not to move my head out of the frame while still performing with my usual manic intensity.

It was a bit overwhelming to see so many people (including the cast and crew) gather together to work on my project.  Of course, I found myself having the usual doubts — “am I actually important enough for all of these people to be working on my video?” and so on.

I think the best perspective to take on something like this, in order to get beyond the hangups about “being important” and so on, is that it’s really just a bunch of people getting together to have fun — which, for the most part, is what we did.

I hope you enjoy the video, and I look forward to hearing what you think!

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Video for My Song “Howl at the Moon”

  1. Sara Healy

    Oh, wow Chris! This was a powerful video and the music was wonderful. I love seeing you sing:~). I thought the “hard rock” concept worked very well in this video. It also fit the story.

    In addition, it’s interesting what you wrote about shooting the video and performing the music. I imagine it is difficult to sing with the emotion the song calls for, while keeping track of the technical issues involved in shooting the video. But that said, from my perspective this was very well done. In addition, the story behind the music really touched me. Having lost people I love, I know the power of grief. I liked how the woman went to a place where she could get comfort or even “howl at the moon” if she needed to.

    You’re the energizer bunny of creativity to me!

  2. Chris - Post author

    Thanks Sara! For the first few takes we did, I did find it hard to stay in one place to the extent that I was being asked to, but I adjusted pretty quickly when I saw the closeups they were shooting and how powerful even small facial expressions could be in that kind of shot. Yes, it seems a number of people have been touched by the story element and the adventure the woman decides to go on in the end — I worked with a great director who came up with that concept.

  3. Andrea Stephenson

    Great video Chris – yes, I was a Skid Row fan, so I can see the influences there in the video! I liked the story element too and the positive ending to it that fitted so well with the lyrics. You’ve made me watch in a different way as I was thinking about the challenges of you making it while also performing. Congratulations!

  4. Alarna Rose Gray

    Nicely done, Chris! It’s amazing to get to the end of something like this and realise just how many people are involved in the finished outcome. You should take the moment to enjoy the limelight – if you have so many people willing to take the trip with you, you’re obviously doing something right.

  5. Chris - Post author

    Hi Andrea — thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed it. These days, it seems that the ’80s rock I was into is covertly coming back in the guise of country music, so I am writing more of that.

  6. Chris - Post author

    Hi Alarna — yes, that is useful to remember, I think — most of the people who worked on the project got paid, but very minimally for the amount of time they spent on it, and they probably wouldn’t have wanted to work on it if they didn’t find it inspiring.

  7. Chris - Post author

    Hi Coleen — I’m more oriented toward working on my next project than celebrating — maybe I need to shift my priorities a bit.

  8. Kourtney

    Great song–congrats on this major milestone! It’s hard to stop and celebrate when there is always more to do. Hope you take a second to toast yourself. :)

  9. Chris - Post author

    Hi Kourtney — yes, I can relate to the need to stop and celebrate more often. I hope you take the opportunity to do that too.

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